It’s Aight

Today has been a bad day. There wasn’t any freelance writing work so I just lounged at the office.

I hate it when I have this uncertainty about income. What if I don’t make any income this month?

F*ck, I need to work on my businesses. It’s time to stop depending on other people and freelance gigs for my income. I should get my shit together.

I’m going to start with the Ecommerce Masters’ program I have. I should commit at least an hour every day to the  program. Let’s see how I will progress.

The biggest challenge I have will be staying committed in the midst of all the plans and half-done business ideas I have.

“There is no reward for a half-done project”, remember Bill Murph’s words.

And to my client Matt, it’s aight. You’ve decided not to be paying me $150 per week as earlier agreed. This has just put me in an awkward situation. I am doing this for you. It’s you that’s making me go into Amazon and do my own shit.

And to my gal Sam, I wish you know how much I love you. I got your “Goodnite, I love you” text but couldn’t reply. You really hurt me and I am still in pain. Every day that we don’t talk I hurt more.

Why did you lie to me. I wish you knew how hard I’d worked for that money that you got conned. I’d warned you that those guys sounded like conmen. I even told you I didn’t feel right about it.

But now that you lied you’d talked to them, you broke the trust I had in you. We are no longer a team, kickin’ ass like we should be. You didn’t have to lie just because you wanted to move to that house.

And that’s that.

Finally, why is it when I take a shot of Flirt Vodka I get a blocked nose?

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