mSpy Review: How Does this Phone Spy App Work? (2017 Update)

mSpy is a software application that can be used to monitor your kids’ and employees’ phone activities. The phone spy app works perfectly in Android, iOS, and Blackberry phone and tablets. With the spy software, you can monitor just about everything that is done on child’s or employee’s phone.

mSpy is controlled through an online control panel and is untraceable when installed on a phone you wish to monitor. As long as you have the app installed in your child’s, spouse’s or employee’s phone that you want to monitor, you could view all the records and logs remotely without having to touch the phone itself. However, the person you are monitoring needs to access the internet for the application to work properly. This is because all the data recorded and logged needs to be uploaded by the software to the website for you to access through the control panel from your end.

Features and Advantages of mSpy

There are a lot of features of mSpy that makes it the best phone tracking software. The features include:

  • Phone tracking
  • Text message tracking
  • Phonebook access
  • Email tracking
  • GPS location tracking
  • URL tracking
  • Call and environment listening

With increase in use of cellphones and tablets today, you might want to monitor your children and employees when they are on their gadget. For example, you may want to know whether using the phone is affecting your kids in their school performances. For employees, you may want to know if they are doing their own their work during office hours.

The use of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets these days is unavoidable. However, as a parent or employer, it is important to ensure that your kids or employees are using the gadgets responsibly. You do not want use of the gadgets to affect their performances in school or at work respectively.

How to Install mSpy

The software is easy to install and is user-friendly, even for someone that has not used it before. mSpy works in stealth mode. Thus, it cannot be traceable or found on the device where it is installed.

To control the phone spy app panel, you could do so remotely by accessing your user account on your PC or tablet. The mSpy Control Panel gets updated automatically after it records and logs the information it has gotten from your child’s or employee’s phone. You can view and manage this information as you please. All the activities done on the phone will be uploaded onto the Control Panel. You can check the information uploaded to know how your kids or employees are talking to, what they are talking about, their location at any time, and so on.

Below is an overview of the main features of mSpy phone spy app.

mSpy Phone Tracking

The mSpy Phone Tracker feature allows you to access information about calls that have been made or received on the target device. You can also see the call duration, time and date of calls dialed or received.

mSpy SMS Tracking

The mSpy SMS tracking feature allows you to track down numbers of messages that have been sent and received on the device you are monitoring. You will also see the times when the texts were sent or received and read the actual messages sent. You can access this information anytime through the Control Panel.

Phonebook Access

mSpy also allows you to access your kids or employee’s device phonebook. When new entries are made on the phone, you would be instantly notified via the Control Panel.

You might be worried that your kids are hanging out with people you don’t trust or talking to strangers, which that could lead them into danger. Through the Phonebook Access feature, you can block or delete the stranger’s phone numbers and details so your kid wouldn’t contact them anymore. This would protect your kids getting in danger.

The Phonebook Access feature will make you feel safer because you can monitor who your kids talk to, who their friends are, and who are in their phonebook contacts.

Email Tracking

The email tracking feature allows you to access and view all emails sent and received through the phone. You can also track email addresses. You can read any emails that your kids or employees send or receive. This feature is a good one for monitoring employees who may be putting your business at risk by diverting information to third parties.

GPS Tracking

Another great feature you can use when monitoring your kids or employees is the GPS location tracker. Through the GPS tracker, you can find out the exact location of your kids or employees at the exact time you are tracking them. This could come handy if you are monitoring your kids and you are wondering if they are at the place they said they were going to, or if your field workers are at the right locations and not wasting valuable office and working time.

URL Tracking

mSpy URL tracking feature lets you track your child’s or employee’s browsing history. Along with tracking their browsing history, you can see every site they have visited and the items they have downloaded onto their phones. These include any pictures, songs, videos, movies etc.

Calendar and Memo Details

You can also check the phone’s calendar and memo details, just in case you want to know who kids or employees are meeting next or if they are being honest with you.

Call Listening and Environmental Surrounding Listening

Some additional features that you can use to monitor your kids or employees are the call listening and environmental surrounding listening. This mSpy call listening feature allows you listen to phone conversations made through their phone. The conversations are recorded and logged in the remote server for you to listen to through the Control Panel.

The same also applies for the environmental surrounding listening feature. With this feature, you can listen to near surroundings of the phone. Moreover, when your kids or employees are talking to others, you could create a bugging device using this specific feature.

How Much Does mSpy Cost?

There are two different one-time prices for mSpy that you could choose. The more expensive price allows you to have different additional features.

The cheapest mSpy price is $39.95. With this price, your phone spy app would cine with Phone tracking, track sent and received messages, track emails, track GPS locations, phonebook access, and URL tracking.

The premium mSpy price is $74.95. The phone spy app for this price has additional features of call listening, environmental surrounding listening, WhatsApp monitoring, Facebook tracking, Viber tracking and Blackberry messenger tracking.

These two prices you are non-recurring. This is unlike other child monitoring and employee monitoring apps that would need you to keep renewing your subscription on a monthly or yearly basis.

You can buy mSpy app using any major credit card issued by MasterCard, Visa, American Express. At the moment, you cannot buy mSpy through PayPal or other payment methods.

Contact mSpy Customer Care

If you ever need their customer service assistance to answer your questions or inquiries, contact them through the phone numbers or emails on their website.

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