Ruby on Rails Challenge: Let’s Do it Again (DAY 1)

TL;DR: Installed Ubuntu on Windows 10

It was way back in 2016 when I decided I should learn how to code. Unfortunately, I never got to keep up with the learning initiative.

I’ve decided to do it again this time. I will dedicate at least one hour every day or learning Ruby on Rails, and hopefully end up with enough skills to make some nice stuff.

I’m starting the challenge today.

I will be providing short snippets of what I’ve done. Sometimes, the entries may just be a few lines. Sometimes, they may be a paragraph or more.

And here’s day 1.

Day 1: Getting Started

Today, I decided to get started with learning Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Here’s what I did:

  • Installed Ubuntu on my Windows 10 machine. It turns out that Microsoft has warmed up to the Opensource community and now allows easy installation of Ubuntu on the same Windows machine. I followed this tutorial on how to install Ubuntu on Windows 10.

Ruby on Rails Tutorials

I got some RoR tutorials to help me with the skills. The tutorials I’m (or will be) using are:

Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Rails 5)

This is free eBook you can read and follow online. You can also buy the PDF or paperback book for offline reading.

I’ve also enrolled in two Udemy Tutorials for a start. Here are the Udemy Courses I’ll be taking:

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course ($9.99)

Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5 ($9.99)

Catch you tomorrow for the next update.

NB: If you are planning to start learning Ruby on Rails or any other programming language, let me know in the comments below or send me a message on Twitter.



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