To You With Bad Breathe

Man, you are a reasonable guy. I might even say I like your hustle.

The only thing I don’t like about you is that you play safe too much. I mean, you don’t like spending money even on the most essential things.

For example, I remember last year we were to go to Uganda for a business venture. That trip just disappeared into thin air.

How about back in February when we were to buy Timberland boots? You still have you worn out sports shoes.

I know you love your one-year old and wife and would like to make the secure financially. But for the love of life, please don’t be stingy.

One thing I’ve never told you is that your breathe stinks. I dread every time we go for lunch because you make eating food painful. The breathe really stinks.

I don’t know if the breathe stinks because you don’t brush your teeth or perhaps you have an infection. But man, your breathe stinks.

And today, I am vowing not to go to lunch with you again. I mean, I’m supposed to enjoy my food. Not sit through 30 minutes of food and stinking breathe.

And here ends my rant. Hope you get to read it and know I was talking about you. Yes, you.

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