The Great Build: Introduction

As a WordPress developer, I’ve always provided extra services to my clients to provide more value to them. One of the services that I offer is web hosting. This hosting is offered to local clients in Kenya (but of course, is also open to clients from all over the world).

Over the years, the hosting side of my business has been slowly growing through referrals. However, I know I can do more than what I’m currently doing.

Therefore, I’ve decided to actively engage in growing the web hosting business. And best of all, I will be documenting my journey on this blog! I hope that has brought some excitement to you.

To start off, I’ll be taking stock of what I have as well as what needs to be done. Here is a rundown of the things I will be checking, in no particular order.

i) Current number of active customers

ii) State of the website (design, content, etc.)

iii) Evaluating the competition (offerings, branding, etc.)

iv) A plan for getting more customers to the business.

My goal is to have at least 100 paying customers to my business in the next one year. Therefore, come July 10th, 2020, I will be back to report on how many customers the business has and the general state of the business.

At the moment, I have a pretty good idea on what I need to do to get the web hosting business to move from being a mere side project to a fulltime business.

However, my biggest challenge will be dedicating time for the project, and actually moving forward with it when I hit roadblocks.

So, this journal is my way of keeping myself accountable and hopefully, be able to get you into the inner workings of a web hosting reseller business if you ever decide to join the wagon.

I will be making an update on this journey at least once a month. It will be interesting to review the journal at the end of the year to see how much I would have accomplished.

With that said, let’s start with some primary background information.

State of the Business

At the moment, the hosting business has mainly been a side project. The website host has mainly been used to host my projects and those of my friends. However, there are also 6 paying customers on the website. These customers pay $35 per year to host their site. I also allocate them a hosting space of 500MB.  So, you can clearly see this is a small-time side hustle for me.

Coming to the website, it is really all over the place. To begin, the business has no logo and its branding is poorly done. Apart from this, the website only has a front page. I don’t have content for any other pages. Like I said, the business is mainly hosting my projects and those of my friends. The 6 paying clients that are on business are those that have been referred to me and didn’t really care to check out the website.

July Goals

My goals for July is to give the website a solid foundation so that it can compete in the local space. This means evaluating the competition, working on the branding, and deciding the value proposition.

Here is a rundown of the things I’m looking to do in July:

  • Create a logo for the business
  • Identify the primary pages that should be on the website
  • Create content for the webpages
  • Identify my main competitors and their offerings

With that said, would you like to know what is the name of my website? Well, just enter your email below and you’ll get the URL of the website.

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