[SOLVED] “Too Many Redirects” Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site)

Sometimes, when you try to access your website, you may get the error “Too Many Redirects” in Chrome. This is something to expect if you are doing some changes on your website from time to time.

Edit: April 30th, 2018. (The reader changed her site from stethoscopesoundreview.com to nurselly.com). Just wanted to let you know.

A reader contacted me and wanted to get the fix to the “Too Many Redirects” message in WordPress. The URL with the problems was this: https://www.nurselly.com/thinklabs-one-digital-stethoscope-review/

I tried accessing it and this is the error I got:

[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 1However, other pages of the website were working fine.

This post will show you how to fix the ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS error in Chrome, which should also work in other browsers like FireFox and the rest.

If you are here, I’m assuming you have already tried the common method of clearing your browser cookies. If you haven’t this is what you should do:

Method 1: Clearing the Browser Cookies

Sometimes, your browser may store a cache version of your website to make the pages load faster for you when you access them at a later stage.  To fix the “Too Many Redirects” message in Chrome, simply clear your browser cookies.

You can clear the cookies to solve this error message in whichever browser you are using (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc). In this example, we will use Chrome.

i) Click on the Menu on the right hand corner

ii) Select Settings from the drop-down menu that will result[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 2

The personal settings will be opened in a new tab.

iii) Type “cookies” in the search box. Chrome will look for all the setting options where the word “cookies” appear.

iv) Click on Clear browsing data… button. A new box will come up.[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 3


v) Select Cookies and other site and plug-in data.[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 4vi) Click the Clear browsing data button.

vi) The browsing data will be cleared in a few minutes.

When done, open the URL that had the “Too Many Redirect” errors and see whether the error is gone. Just to be sure your cookies are not the cause of the problem, open the URL in a new browser or in Chrome Incognito mode (Or Firefox Private Browsing mode).

The above method should clear most errors. However, if the error has not been solved, it means your cookies are not the cause of the problem. In that case, try this second method.

Method 2: SEO Redirect Plugin Error (Mostly Yoast SEO)

If you have an SEO plugin that allows you to redirect URLs, e.g. Yoast SEO, it may be the cause of the error. Most of the plugins keep records of slug (URL) changes and redirects. And this was the case with this client

To solve the redirect error, follow the steps below:

i) Go to the Redirects Tab of the plugin (yours could be different depending on the plugin you are using. In this example, we are using Yoast SEO Premium)

[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 5

ii) Find the URL that has a problem from the list that will be presented.

TIP: If you have hundreds of URLs that you have redirected, you can easily find the one you are looking for by searching on the “search box” on the section.

[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 6

In our case, the URL that we are trying to access is https://www.stethoscopesoundreview.com/thinklabs-one-digital-stethoscope-review/ while SEO Yoast is has indicated https://www.stethoscopesoundreview.com/thinklabs-stethoscope-review/ as the current URL.

iii) Edit the redirect entries of the URL with the problem to your updated URL.

In our case, we are editing the URL /thinklabs-stethoscope-review/ to our current URL that we want to access, i.e. https://www.stethoscopesoundreview.com/thinklabs-one-digital-stethoscope-review/

iv) If the error is still not resolved, make sure there are no double entries in the Yoast Redirect slugs.

For example, when I edited the slug from /thinklabs-stethoscope-review/ to /thinklabs-one-digital-stethoscope-review/, I found that there was another redirect from /thinklabs-one-digital-stethoscope-review/ to thinklabs-stethoscope-review/

If you can see, this will lead to an infinite loop. Let me try explaining using simple ABCs

i) Say you have a page whose slug you changed from John–>Jerry. When you make the change, Yoast SEO will kep the slug.

ii) After some time, you decided to change back Jerry–>John. When you make this change, Yoast SEO will create a new slug

iii) The slug created during the first redirect (John–>Jerry) and the second (Jerry–>John) will be conflicting since the first one is redirecting to Jerry and the second one to John, which leads to an infinite loop

To solve the problem, delete the first slug to remain only with the second one i.e. Jerry–>John.

That’s it, folks. If you found this tutorial helpful, let me know in the comments below. If you would like to buy me some coffee, use the link below.

[SOLVED] "Too Many Redirects" Error Message in Chrome (WordPress Site) 7

Catch you next time with other tutorials.

Editor’s Note: The owner of Nurselly.com allowed me to link to their site for the purposes of this tutorial.

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