[SOLVED] WordPress Multisite Domain Redirects to Wp-Signup PHP New Multisite

If you have just installed WordPress multisite, you may occasionally find that when you go o the homepage without writing the www. in the URL, like this:


…. the site will automatically “redirect” to this strange URL:


You definitely don’t want your visitors to get such an error when they are visiting your homepage. And let’s just be honest, no one really types www. in the URL when going to a website.

The  wp-signup php new multisite error is really easy to solve.

Here is the fix:

  1. Login to your web hosting Control Panel and navigate to the files. You can do this through your web hosting account or by using a free FTP tool like FileZilla
  2. Find the wp-config.php file
  3. Open the wp-config.php file  and add the following code in it
    define( 'NOBLOGREDIRECT', 'http://example.com' );
  4. Ideally, you should add the code just above the line that says “That’s it. You can stop editing now”. Make sure you change the ‘http://example.com’ in the code above with your website URL.
  5. Save the wp-config.php file

There we go, this code will fix the missing www. before WordPress multisite even notices it, avoiding the problem of redirecting to wp-signup php new multisite

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