Connectify Me Review: Turn Your Laptop Into a Hotspot

Connectify Review 2016.

Connectify Me Review: Turn Your Laptop Into a Hotspot 1Connectify Me Review: Turn Your Laptop Into a Hotspot 2Have you ever wanted to share your laptop Wi-Fi with other devices and wonder how you can do it? Well, there are different ways you can turn your laptop into a hotspot.

For example, you can go the tech route and configure your Windows operating system (works for Windows 7 and over) to enable Internet sharing from your laptop to other devices. However, this method usually doesn’t work for most people due to various reasons. The most common one is registry corruption.

If you have been installing and uninstalling various software programs in your laptop, chances are that some of them have modified the registry and hence creating a hotspot through Windows inbuilt driver will be impossible.

The good news is you can easily turn your laptop into a hotspot using easy-to-use software called Connectify Me. Read on this Connectify review.

Connectify Review: What is Connectify Me?

Connectify Me is a small software that when installed, automatically turns your laptop into a hotspot. This means you can share your laptop Internet with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and other laptops. Connectify Hotspot acts as a wireless router between any Internet connection you are using, and enables it to be shared with other devices.
Connectify Me Review: Turn Your Laptop Into a Hotspot 3Connectify Me Review: Turn Your Laptop Into a Hotspot 4

Benefits of Connectify Me

You may be wondering why you would need to connect multiple devices to a single Internet connection. Well, there are in fact a number of benefits of doing so. For example, you won’t need to subscribe to different Internet data packages for the various devices you have. For example, if you live in a family of three, everyone can connect to the same Internet connection regardless of the device they are using. This means there is no need to purchase multiple data packages.

Here are some of the benefits of using Connectify Hotspot.

Connect All Your Devices to Wi-Fi

Connectify Me acts like a virtual router that allows you to share your laptop Internet connection to various devices. For example, you can share the Interne connection with other laptops, your e-reader, media player, tablet or smartphone. If you wish, you can also allow your friends or co-workers to connect to your connections. To do this, simply give them the password they will need to connect.

Avoid Costly Data Charges

If you travel a lot and use hotels, you may be aware of the Internet-per-device charges. Basically, hotels that provide Internet charge customers for every device that is connected to the Internet. Most of us need multiple connections, for example one for the laptop and one for the smartphone.

With Connectify Me, you will not need to pay for multiple devices. Simply ask for your laptop to be connected and then turn it into hotspot using Connectify Me to be able to use multiple devices. This means you will get Internet on all your devices while only paying for the price of one.

Share Tethered, 3G, or 4G Connections Over Wi-Fi

If you are using a tethered plan, 3G or 4G USB adapter for your mobile phone, you can share the Internet connection to keep all your devices online wherever you are. This feature is available in Connectify Pro & Max.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Range With Wi-Fi Repeater Mode

With Connectify MAX, you can extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network. You can use Hotspot MAX for windows to enjoy maximum connectivity across different devices, including streaming media and game consoles. The applications connected to your laptop hotspot will work as if they are connected to the original network. This feature is available in Connectify Hotspot MAX.

Bridge Connected Devices to your Home Network

Connectify Hotspot MAX also allows you to bridge your network so that game consoles and other devices connected to the laptop network appear to be on the source network. You can use Hotspot MAX Bridging Mode to ensure your Xbox 3, PS3 and other consoles work instantly on your home network. The Bridging Mode feature ensures there are no freezes when playing your game consoles online.

There are three versions of Connectify Hotspot you can try. First, there is the free, lite version and then there is the paid, Pro version and finally, there is the Max Version.

Connectify Me Hotspot – Free Version

The features of the free versions are enough if you only have a few devices you need connected. Here are the features of Connectify Lite

Share Any Connection (Except 3G and 4G)

With Connectify Me Lite version, you can share any Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. However, to share 3G or 4G networks, you will need the PRO or MAX version,

Secure Password

Connectify Lite automatically generates a password for your Wi-Fi connection. However, the ability to change the password is available in Pro and MAX versions.

Data Monitoring

If your Internet connection is charged based on the data you use, Connectify Me will help you know how much data each of the connected devices is using. The software provides the following information for all devices connected to your network:

  • When the device was first connected
  • Total time the device has been connected
  • Amount of data used by each device
  • The upload and download speeds of the devices.

Check the image below to get an idea of the information available for devices connected to your network.

connectify review

This comes in handy if your data is bound to be cut off after a specific amount of usage.

Connectify Hotspot Pro& MAX

These are the paid version of Connectify Hotspot. The price for the Pro version is $35 while that of the MAX version is $50. You can either buy any of the licenses for a yearly or lifetime license.

UPDATE: June 2016. Connectify is offering 75% off on all its licenses. Click here to take advantage of the deal before it’s too late. I suggest you go for the lifetime license, which will only cost you $15and you will get 3 lifetime license. Get the DEAL.

Below is an overview of the features of both Connectify Pro and MAX

Custom Hotspot Names

The Connectify Me PRO and MAX versions allow you to name your hotspot any name you would like. With the free version, the hotspot is chosen by default to Connectify-me and cannot be changed.

Share 3G and 4G Connections

If you have a tethering plan on your mobile device or PC, you can easily connect through it through Connectify Pro and MAX.

Custom IP and DHCP Controls

If you want to control the custom IP and DHCP configurations for every device that connects to the Internet through your laptop, you should get the Connectify MAX version. This feature is useful for custom applications, Peer 2 Peer sharing and gaming.

Bridging/Repeater Mode

This feature is only available in the MAX version. When Bridging is enabled, you can connect your devices to the actual network rather than through the laptop. This feature is great if you usually play online games. The Repeater mode extends the range of your Wi-Fi.

Unlimited Flings

With the lite (free) Connectify version, you can only “fling” (i.e. transfer) a few files between connected devices. However, Pro and MAX versions allow you to send unlimited files directly to connected devices, even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Pros of Connectify Me

  • – Easy to Install & Use
  • – Wi-Fi Bridging/Repeater Mode
  • – Compatible with Windows 10
  • – Unlimited File Sharing Over the Network without Internet
  • – Can Share Internet Connection with Unlimited PCs and Mobile Devices
  • – Provid fast, stable and reliable connection from the laptop

Cons of Connectify Me

  • – Software Not compatible with Mac

Where to Buy Connectify Me

If you have multiple devices that you usually need connected to the Internet, I highly Connectify Me Review: Turn Your Laptop Into a Hotspot 5recommend you get Connectify Me Pro. The software will save you a ton of money on data charges and frustrations of trying to get your Windows PC to share Internet connection.

You can purchase Connectify-Me on the official website here. Take advantage of the 75% off deal to save massively.

I hope you have enjoyed this Connectify review. If you would like a review on any software or application, let me know through the contact page.

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