SOLVED: Can’t Turn On Radio on Windows 10

Recently, I installed some updates on Windows 10 and after the updates, I couldn’t get the modem to connect to the Internet.

The Wi-Fi was working just fine. I could connect to other networks. However, when I tried connecting to the Internet using the 3G modem, I couldn’t. I kept getting the message that the Cellular Radio is turned off. The exact message was “the radio is off” and I couldn’t enable it in the settings.

The place to turn on the radio on the Settings was greyed out. I tried enabling flight mode and it was grayed out the WIFI and Bluetooth switches. When I disabled flight mode, I was able to turn the WiFi and Bluetooth off/on but the “Radio” remained greyed out.

I checked the BIOS settings, checked gthe driver for the Mobile Broadband Card, disabled and enable the adapter and still, I could not enable the radio. I could however manage the SIM PIN so I can change it or turn on or off. It even showed me the network provider if I disable the SIM PIN, but the radio remains off!

So, what was the problem?

Solution: Radio Setting is “Turned Off”

I finally sorted it out!

It looks to me like the mobile stack for Windows 10 is incomplete (looks like bits of it are there from the mobile Windows 10, but it doesn’t work properly yet). This is what you should do:

Try pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and click “Sign out”.

On the login screen, click on the wireless symbol. At the top you should see the mobile connection, which can be disabled from here. Flip the switch to turn it on and then login – you should now see it working.

There we go!

Let me know if you’re successful!

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