Focus and Lack of It, Thereof

It’s been a couple of months since my last post. Today, it’s just a couple of weeks to Christmas. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been all over my Facebook timeline.

And here I am, wondering what made me lose focus. You already know that I have not been progressing with my Amazon Challenge. Life happens and along the way, I got distracted.

I have been thinking lately of why my life is not moving as fast as I would like, and in the direction I want. I look all around and I see all these people that I went to college with, living great lives and having fun.

What about me?

My life just seems there…at a standstill. Yes, I am improving, but not as fast as I would like.

I turned 29 in August and I has a sudden surge of focus. However, just like has always been the case, the psyche faded and I returned to my old, boring ways.

And now, here I am, trying to write down a plan for the goals I need to achieve. It’s still a month to the New Year but I don’t have to wait to make goals and start working towards them.

I need a change. I need to focus. I need to up my game.

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