Page 1: Installing Rails on Windows

I’m using Windows 10 to develop my Rails application.

I will be learning Rails using Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial. I will also be using the official Ruby on Rails Guide.

Of course, like is expected in any code work, some errors are bound to happen.  When I encounter errors, I will simply be Googling them.

Today, I’ve learned that Rails works together with a number of apps. Instead of installing the apps one by one, you can install Rails using Rails Installer.

I have successfully installed Rails on my Windows computer.

Apart from this, I’ve learned a few conventions such as:

ruby -v (shows the installed version of Ruby)

rails –version (shows the version of Rails installed)

sqlite3 –version (shows the version of sqlite3 installed)

rails new (create a new app)

rails server (starts the rails server)

cd (chage directory)

ls (list directory)

Errors Encountered

After installing Rails, I came across the following errors when trying to play around with the app.

i) DL is deprecated. Please use Fiddle (check solution here)

ii) The app was stuck at “bundle install (check solution here)


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